Monday, January 03, 2011


I am beyond lost and confused on this website... I have yet to figure out how to do anything except post stuff.


Weekly Forecast:
Monday - was unusually smooth and somewhat good. It has been three days without any type of caffeine (i'm a coffee drinker) and I figured that it would have been a fight with my body and the withdrawals it has been going through, but alas it was not (thankfully).
Tuesday - he comes home! and I'm just working late and doin' pilates. Should be a pretty slow day.
Wednesday - Eh, I hate Wednesdays.
Thursday - Day off, but only due to the fact that I have a doctor's appointment. Yay?
Friday - 's are usually a sigh of relief, but this Friday is going to be a bitch. Literally. I get off then it's time to drive to some small town for the weekend. Gotta love Missouri.

Hopefully, the weather will stay sunny and this week will zoom by. I need it to.

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