Saturday, January 01, 2011


Well, this is officially my first blog and also, my first post. Score! As part of my cliche New Year's resolution, I decided to start writing again everyday. I've found that it's growing harder for me to sit down with a pen and a piece of paper to write my thoughts down as often as I used to. Considering the amount of hours that I sit behind a desk (approximately 40 hours a week), I figured that I could squeeze in at least 30 minutes to post something.

Lately, my cynical outlook on the world has altered to well, a more bright and optimistic perspective. Largely due to my recent upgrade of car (I used to drive a boat sized Buick):
Now the car on the other hand is a story of hate: I happily said goodbye to my '01 Buick 'Buster' yesterday and welcomed an '08 Civic Coupe LX into my life. It was only right for me to name my beautiful black Honda, Chester. It was practically brand new when I bought it: 12000 miles, perfect interior (minus the questionable scratches on the console surrounding the shift/gears). Overall, I love it. Definitely a perfect way to start my year!

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